Hi guys!

Welcome to my second ever blog post!

This week I am concentrating on the Max Factor Clump Defy Volumising Mascara in black. It retails at £10.99!


This is a make-up bag staple for me! I use it everyday! There is a slightly curved brush which lifts up the lashes as you apply it. It is made up of tiny little plastic bristles which ensures that every single lash is coated! It is simple to put on, I gently move the brush left to right as I apply it!

It leaves my lashes looking longer, volumised, slightly lifted and with no clumps. To increase this further, or to take it from everyday to a more glamorous look, just apply more than one coat! Just make sure each one has time to dry.

I love this mascara because it lasts all day! It doesn’t go flaky and I have no irritation whether I am wearing contacts or glasses! It is simple to take off, with any make-up wipes or cleanser!

However, I do find that for the price, I would like it to last slightly longer! I find it very good at the beginning but six weeks in, I have to apply a couple of coats to get the same effect! But, I love  this product and I will continue to buy Max Factor Mascara’s!

Thanks, I hope you enjoyed my post!

Would I buy again- yes



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