Hi guys! Welcome back to my blog!

This week I am focused on the Maybelline Superstay 24HR lip Color. It is £8.99 but I purchased mine while the stand was on for 2 for £10! My selection was the 310-forever Heather-which is a nude, similar to my favourite lipstick!

However, there is a massive selection of colours available.


This was an interesting one! I started by putting my base make-up on and lining my lips, as well as filling them in. I then put the gloss on as it needs time to dry! It went on smooth but the product collected at the edges and made the colour seem uneven! I think this was due to the brush, as it seemed to push the gloss, not spread it!


I then did the rest of my make-up and put the locking balm on, which stopped my lips feeling dry. However, the balm made some of the product flake off, so in a rush I had to touch it up with my lipstick!

The gloss did last through lunch and several drinks. I reapplied the balm when my lips felt dry! It lasted well, for around 8 hours but would require a top up about then!


After a rather disasterous first attempt, I tried again! I didn’t put any liner on, which felt alien to me and gave it 30 minutes to dry! When I later put the balm on, there was no flaking! I had a cup of tea and there was a tiny bit of excess product on the rim of my cup! But, it did last very well and the balm just needed topping up when my lips felt dry.

I would say that it lasts very well if you give it long enough to dry and maintain it! But, it is certainly no quick fix!

Thanks, I hope you enjoyed my post!

Would I buy again-no (I have used other long lasting products which I preferred to this one)




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