Hi guys,  welcome back to my blog!

This week, instead of make-up, I am focused on skin care, Liz Earle to be exact!

This all started at Christmas when my parents brought me a starter kit. I got hooked and I’ve been using it since then! The three main products are cleanse and polish hot cloth cleanser, instant boost skin tonic and skin repair moisturiser.


My introductory pack came in a beautiful blue box and had a free gift of a face mask tube too!
Since then I’ve replaced my hot cloth cleanser once, directly through the boots website, at a cost of £14.00 for 100 ml!
After this ran out, I replaced the whole set from Liz Earle directly, via the website. You can buy everything you need in a ‘your daily routine’ bundle for £49. This was a 200ml cleanse and polish tube, 200ml skin tonic and 50ml pump moisturiser. This was based on my skin type, oily/combination. On top of all that, I had a free gift of skin exfoliator.
This is incredible value! Separately this would cost £60.75 without the cloths and free gift! You do have to pay for delivery under £50 but they often have free delivery weekends, so you just need to time it right!

Finally, it comes in a lovely box. Packaged with tissue paper and  a card detailing your order!

I am now going to detail the three main products…

Cleanse and polish hot cloth cleanser:


You apply this cream to dry skin and working circular motions. You wet your muslin cloth and wring it out, so it is damp. You then use the cloth to wipe the cream off. My cloth usually goes orange from my make-up which makes it strangely satisfying.
It smells lovely, yet not overpowering and the cloth is so soft! I do often get in the shower and forget my face needs to be dry. It is gentle even when I’m scrubbing my mascara off! It dissolves my make-up! I can be wearing a full face and it gets rid of it all!

Instant boost skin tonic:


For the instant boost skin tonic, you just pour some on a cotton wool pad and take it over your face.
It gets rid of any last traces of dirt/make-up. It leaves skin feeling refreshed and clean! There is no tingling sensation and it is gentle enough for your eyes too!

Skin repair moisturiser:


My moisturiser is for normal/combination skin, for different skin types there are different moisturisers. You just apply a small amount to your face and work in!
The amazing thing is, the pump gives you the right amount! The cream is light and absorbs quickly, while lasting all day! At first, under my eyes felt dry but now I pay special attention to that area and it is fine!

In summary, I would highly recommend Liz Earle products! It is a bit of a pain washing the muslin cloths and it hasn’t helped get rid of my nose full of blackheads, but it has completely cleared my skin! I very rarely get breakouts and my T-zone is slightly less oily. An extra bonus is that they don’t test on animals!
The major downfall is the price but I am more than happy to pay for clear skin and the products do last! Definetly worth a try!

Thanks, I hope you enjoyed my post! Feel free to leave any comments, let me know what your miracle skin products are!

Would I buy again- YES (I have used these products for around two years now, so I constantly repurchase them)

Score 5/5- I cannot recommend these products enough to maintain healthy skin.


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