Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! This is a special post because it is my first food article!

I am focused on Rhythm 108 bars, which are a brand I discovered on instagram but actually brought in my local health food shop. They retail at £1.59.


I started by buying three flavours; apple pie, lemon cake and choco-walnut brownie.

As you may know from my about me section, I try to eat as little added sugar as possible and these are perfect!

They are organic, 1 of your 5 a day, no added sugar or syrups, gluten free and include fibre! They list the ingredients on the front, so you know exactly what you are eating which is so rare nowadays!


They come in a handy single wrapper perfect for on the go! Finally, they come in a little tray with heating instructions on the back, so you can have a warm dessert!


First up to test was the apple pie. I heated it for the recommended 20 seconds and it was perfectly hot! It smelt like Apple pie and I added a bit of Greek yogurt! It was soft and gooey and sweet but slightly tart from the apples. It had more apple flavour than I expected! It was also slightly crunchy from the walnuts! It was satisfying and felt like a proper dessert without being sugar laden.


Next up was the lemon cake flavour. It smelt great and had a lemon zing but not too much. It was sweet but not as much as the others and again had the occasional crunchy bit! This one was especially good with Greek yogurt as it balanced the flavours well!


Last, but not least was the choco-walnut brownie. This was very chocolatly, like an actual brownie but not heavy on flavour. I am not overly keen on walnut but it wasn’t overpowering at all! They provided a good contrast in texture to the smooth brownie.

So, I loved all the bars I tried. The first thing that hit me was the smell when they were warming in the microwave. They are perfect paired with yogurt, ice cream, a touch of fruit or just on their own! At first, I thought the portion size would be too small. But with the lush flavours and yogurt, I found it perfect! However, I know I have a small appetite, so you may want to pair a couple of bars together!

It has left me desperate to try the rest of the flavours and their buiscuits!

Thanks, I hope you enjoyed my first food blog post! Feel free to leave any comments!


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