Hi guys, welcome back to my blog!

This week I am reviewing Superdrug’s pro-v shampoo and conditioner. It is an own brand item which retails at £2.29 each and as it is own brand, it is not tested on animals!

The variety I got was for shine as it had the ingredient Argan oil in it, which caught my eye! The first time I used the shampoo and conditioner I noticed the smell, it smells pleasant but not fruity like other shampoo/conditioner!  But then again, that’s not what you are paying for!


I started using the conditioner (I will explain all later on!), which I just ran through my ends! The conditioner washes out well and didn’t feel thick! It left my hair feeling smooth!


Then I used the shampoo, which at first felt a bit thick but it did lather up nicely. It washed out well and my hair felt smooth, as promised by the bottle.

I slept with wet hair (as I always do) and in the morning it was straighter than usual and felt smooth and shiny! It was also soft and less notty to brush!

Overall, I have been using it for weeks now and it is very good quality for money!

Now to return to my point from earlier. For the last few months, regardless of product, I have been using conditioner then shampoo! I usually use whatever products are on offer, or are on my bathroom side.

I tend to just run conditioner along my ends, rinse and then use shampoo. I love it! I find that my hair is less greasy and I can now wash it every couple of days, if not longer. Before, I would wash it everyday or rely on dry shampoo between washes, but not anymore! It did feel strange at first, as it doesn’t feel as smooth as usual but after a few tries I noticed the improvement!


I have also been using Superdrug’s hair therapy oil with macadamia oil. This stuff is amazing! I just add a few drops to my palm, rub together and run through my hair. I usually do this just as I step out of the shower, before I towel dry my hair. It is great quality for £3.99 and a little goes a long way, mine had lasted several months. It just gives a bit more moisture to your hair without feeling heavy or greasy!

Thanks, I hope you enjoyed my post! Feel free to leave some comments.

Try using conditioner then shampoo and let me know how you find it?

Would I buy again-yes



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