Hi guys,  welcome back to my blog! This week I am again focused on food, pulsin bars!

I discovered them on a recent trip to my local whole foods, they retail at between £1.39 and £1.69. I got them on a offer of 3 for £2.39.


I chose the orange choc chip, maca bliss-raw choc brownie and the  raspberry and goji raw choc brownie.

These bars are vegan, dairy free, gluten free, soya free, non GM, low GI and made by renewable energy too!
They do contain sweetners  (xylitol) but not as much sugar as your standard chocolate bar!


First up to taste was orange choc chip. It smelt like chocolate orange but there was not as much orange flavour as I expected. It was smooth like a brownie and creamy in the middle like a chocolate bar. Melt in the mouth!

It was a good size too and perfect at work for an afternoon snack when your energy levels are dropping!


Next was the maca bliss-raw choc brownie. It smells like brownie and was gooey and chocolatly! But only mildly  and it’s not overpowering, it doesn’t feel heavy! It does not have a strong flavour, even though the smell gives the impression it should! 


The final flavour I tried was the raspberry and goji raw choc brownie. It had little specks of raspberry scattered throughout which were subtle but just enough. It was smooth but more crumbly in texture compared to the others! It had a good flavour, not too rich!

Thanks, I hope you enjoyed my post! Feel free to leave some comments! What is your favourite snack bar?


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