Hi guys, welcome back to my blog!
This week I have reviewed the Avon ultra color bold lipstick in magenta flash! I recieved it as a present from a friend but it retails at £7.50!

imageI started by applying lip balm and then my primer and foundation. This gives the balm chance to dry/settle.

I then lined and filled my lips with a liner. I used a nude because I didn’t have a matching colour! But a matching one would be good!

I then did the rest of my make-up including my eyebrows (I use this one) and mascara (this one or this one ). I tend to follow the rule that if I’m doing a bold lip, I do subtle eye make-up and vice versa!

imageThen it’s time to apply the lipstick. I use a brush because it gives me control and no excess product!  There is no need to blot with a brush.

I then apply concealer all the way around to make the edges clean and the colour pop. Then, pressed powder over my shiny areas!

imageFirstly, the product goes on lovely! It doesn’t feel heavy but nourishing and lightweight.

I love the colour and had so many compliments at work but it is difficult to get the clean lines, especially for a perfectionist like me!The colour is so rich you only need a little bit for the vibrant shade to come out!

Lastly, it stayed my entire work shift and only faded slightly in the middle!
I had lunch and it remained in place and still looked good. It could have done with a touch up but it was acceptable!

Avon promised ultra bold lipstick and they definitely succeeded and only for £7.50!

Thanks for reading my post! What is your favourite lipstick colour?

Would I buy again- yes




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