Hi guys,  welcome back to my blog! This week I’m concentrating on the MUA  (Make-up academy) eyeshadow pallette called undressed.


The brand is exclusive to superdrug and doesn’t test on animals. The palette retails at  £4.

It has a lovely range of 12 shades from nudes to browns and metallics!


The nude pinks are perfect with a bold lip. The browns and darker shades can then be used for a more bold look!

It is also easy to blend the colours for a smoky eye look! I think this pallette contains a lot of pairs and trio’s to make this easy!

I use the first on top and the second or fourth. The first two on the bottom row and the last two. As well as the fifth on the top and fourth on the bottom.


To create my smoky eye I put the lighter colour all over my eye lid. Then the darker colour in a C shape on the outer side of my eye lid and blend over the top towards my brow bone.

I do find that there tends to be a lot of eyeshadow fall out. To solve this problem I either hold a tissue or dab with a wet tissue and cover with concealer.

The darker colours come out very bold but the lighter shades I find more product is needed to get the correct colour!

But for £4 it is definetly an extremely good product which lasts for ages!

Thanks for reading this post! What is your go to eyeshadow shade?

Would I buy again- yes



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