Hi guys, welcome back to my blog!

This week I am focused on the ultra cream contour palette by revolution! This is very exciting for me, the first contour palette I have ever brought and used!

The brand is exclusive to superdrug and cruelty free! It retails at only £8!


It comes in lovely packaging with 8 cream to powder shades to suit a range of skin tones and different uses. There is a mirror included too, so everything you need.


Before we start I would like to say that this article and my blog is just my opinions. This is how I would use the contour kit but it doesn’t mean that is correct and everyone is different!


To me the pallette has a top row of concealers and highlighters and a bottom row of contour shades.

On the top row I used the first shade and third as concealers. The second one as my highlight and the last one as a shimmery highlight for a night out.

On the bottom I used the second shade the first time I tried it but the third afterwards for a more defined look. I will use the first second row shade for an even more dramatic look and the last one as another highlighter or concealer!


I started with a primer and lip balm then after that was dry a light layer of foundation!

Then I applied  concealer (the first top row) under my eyes and on a spot.

I then put the highlighter shade on. In a large triangle between my brows/forehead with a line reaching down to my nose arch. I put a thick line below my eyes reaching to my cheeks, probably in line with the bottom of my nose. Then finally a line on my cupids bow and circle on my chin.

Next up was my contour shade (third on the bottom). I put this either side of the line on my nose. A thick line on my cheek bones and lines across my temples starting at the corners of the triangle.  I then did lines on my jaw line but I used the lighter shade to avoid a dramatic foundation line.

I left this un-blended while I did my eyebrows, gold eyeshadow and a neutral lip colour.

I then blended the contour using a stippling brush, then just a fresh make-up sponge lightly at the end.

The cream to powder formula is easy to apply and easy to blend. I loved the look and felt so confident. It wasn’t too bold but I felt glowing and had some lovely compliments at work!

The only downside is due to my oily skin the effect did wear off slightly over time. But, it still looked good, just not as defined as before.

Definetly excellent value for money and simple for beginners!

Thanks for reading my blog! Have you tried contouring?

Would I buy again-yes



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