Hi guys, welcome back to my blog!

This week I am reviewing some sanctuary spa goodies. I received a mini shower gel, scrub and polish as a present. After some research, I found out it retails at £16 and there are loads of gift sets to choose from!

The good thing is they are a lovely gift and the perfect size. You can fit them all in a washbag with room to spare, so perfect for a holiday, swim bag or the gym too!

First up was the shower gel. It smelt amazing, very zingy and fruity. I love a nice smelling shower gel, it makes me feel cleaner. It lathered up very well, so a little bit goes a long way. It has tiny beads in it too which gives it the feeling of a slight exfoliator.

Next was the body scrub which again smelt amazing! It lathered well, so I only needed a bit for my whole body. It did leave my skin smooth but I would have liked more beads in it. It is a thinner consistency to other scrubs I have used, which I think is why it went so far but wasn’t as powerful. But good for a quick scrub on holiday or at the gym.

Finally, there was the silky smooth body moisturiser. It was thick in texture, which made it difficult to get out of the tube, but it did absorb  quickly. It smells amazing and in use with the other products, the smell does last. It was nice and smooth and good for normal skin. I have very dry skin so I used this after my shower but a bit of aqueous cream before bed as well.

Thanks for reading my blog. What is your favourite sanctuary spa product?



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