Hi guys, welcome back to my blog!

This week I am writing about my everyday lipsticks. They are all from the Kate Moss collection for Rimmel London. They retail at £5.49!

First up and my favourite is 08, which is a perfect natural shade for my skin tone. I use it most days!

It is easy to apply and I rarely use a lip liner as there is no bleeding around the edges. It lasts well, it does wear off over the day and there is transfer when eating/drinking. But, it is good quality for the price. It is very nourishing and not drying at all!

Next up is the 01 shade, a bright red. I apply this one the same way as my Maybelline matte liquid. It gives good quality colour, very bright.

I would suggest a good quality lip liner to ensure clean edges. It does wear off during eating or over time in the centre. But again, it lasts well for the money spent.

Lastly,  we have the 43 nude lipstick. This is the perfect nude colour for me, but there is a choice of 3 for varying skin tones.

It is nourishing, not drying and very easy to apply. You do have to be careful around the edges because I find my skin goes orange. It is perfect for pairing with a bold eye, it lasts well and doesn’t wear off quickly!

Overall, I would say that as a cheaper brand the lipsticks are very good quality. They are good for everyday use!

Thanks for reading my post! What is your favourite Rimmel lipstick shade?! 


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