Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! This week we are focused on eyeliners. I use three different types!

First up, is my MUA (Make-up academy) Pencil, which retails at £1. It is exclusive to Superdrug and they don’t test on animals. It comes with a sharpener on the lid which is very handy.

Out of the three, this one is the hardest to apply, but it’s not difficult to do. It is black when worn alone but goes grey over eyeshadow. It is the easiest to get off and just needs a make-up remover wipe!

Next up is my Rimmel London Waterproof scandaleyes kohl pencil! This is also in black and retails at £3.99. I find I have to press hard to get the colour right and it is still an off black and goes grey with eyeshadow. It is waterproof and stays on the best of the three but it did smudge slightly when I took my contacts out. It does give clean lines but is more difficult to get off!

To end with is the Rimmel London scandaleyes precision micro eyeliner. This one retails at £5.49. It gives very clean lines and is very easy to apply, it’s like a felt tips! It is also the only one which gives a jet black colour, including over eyeshadow. However, it is easy to make mistakes and it does smudge!

Thanks for reading my post on eyeliners! Which eyeliner is your favourite?


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