Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! This week I am reviewing the mango bodyshop giftset.

It includes a body puff, shower gel, scrub, bar of soap and moisturiser.

First up is the body puff. It was slightly rough and scratchy at first, but after a few times this faded. It also lathered very well, especially considering it is only small!

Now we move on to the shower gel, you get a 250ml which is a big bottle for a gift set!  It smells lovely and the smell lasts too! It lathered very well and left my feeling very clean!

The scrub was thick in texture, with lots of beads! It washed off easily and left my skin very smooth! It had a nice scent and lasted for 5-6 uses on my legs! 

Next up is the soap, I have to confess I very rarely use bars of soap, so I do not have a lot to compare it to! I used this to lather up my legs before I shaved them! It lathered well and smelt nice. It also was not drying at all, which is a problem I have experienced in the past!

Finally, we have the moisturiser or body butter, designed for very dry skin. It smelt amazing, the best out of all of them! It was thick, but spread well and absorbed quickly. It left my skin smooth and not itchy, which considering how dry my skin is, is very impressive!

It was a lovely gift set,  even better as it was a present! The body shop also do not test on animals! 

Thanks for reading my blog! What body shop product is your favourite?


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