Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! This week is a bit of a different one, I have been using the Jason’s deodorant.  

I brought mine from whole foods at £4.39. I chose the apricot deodorant stick but they also do roll-ons and a wide range of scents.

They contain no aluminium, parables,  phthalate or propylene glycol! They do not test on animals either!

There was a subtle apricot smell. I know the lavender one has a stronger scent. It is simple to put on and very soft! I found it difficult to tell how much to put on, so I just rubbed it a few times. I have been using it for a couple of months  (through some very hot weather) and it has always lasted all day.

I have also found that it never leaves any white marks! It lasts ages, which makes it excellent value for money too! 

Finally, I have very sensitive skin but especially underarms.  I never use aerosols and only ever use sensitive roll ons. Even with those, I do get the occasional irritation and flare up, usually linked with shaving. But, over the time I have used this deodorant I have not experienced any problems! For me, it is incredible!

Thanks for reading my post! What is your go to deodorant brand?! 



  1. balba7 says:

    Thank you
    I have been on the search for aluminium free roll one that actually work and there are not many out there
    Will be buying this today 👍🏼


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