Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! This week I have tested the infallible 24HR lip colour, which is double ended.

They retail at £9.99. I chose a neutral pink, colour 213 called toujous teaberry and a bright red, colour 506 red infallible! 

You start by putting the colour on clean dry lips, which means no balm or liner!

You wait for this to dry and apply the balm. The colour dries very quick and so does the balm, so it’s not very time consuming.

It is also easy to apply, with a well shaped brush for spreading the product out! 

The only problem is I find that the product naturally collects at the edges, so I either blot around the edges or make sure I spread it well.

The infallible colour lasts incredibly well. It stays put all day, including eating and drinking! But, sometimes my lips dry out, so you may need re-apply the top balm!

Finally, the colours are lovely and it doesn’t fade throughout the day. However, it does highlight any lines in your lips, so I would suggest your lips are in good condition, as they may look dry!

Thanks for reading my post! What is your favourite L’Oréal product?! 


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