Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! This week I am informing you of my experience when I used the B.lipstick. I brought it in a 054 shade, called Eton mess. The brand is exclusive to Superdrug, which also means it’s cruelty free. 

I brought mine in clearance for £1.80, as they are repackaging their range. But, I think they are normally £5.99. It is different packaging to anything I own! Although the case is normal, if you push the bottom of the tube up, it releases the lipstick.  

The Eton mess shade is a subtle pink. I started with balm and then lined and filled my lips! Then I applied the lipstick.  The main thing I noticed was how soft and nourishing it is. It is not dry at all! It is a lovely colour too, not bright!

It stayed in place all morning which included a drink and snack. It did wear off after lunch, but if I had been more careful eating, or re-applied it; it would have stayed longer.

Thanks for reading my blog post! Have you used any B. make-up before?! 


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