Hi guys, welcome back to my blog.

This week I am telling you about the lip liners I have been using for the last few months. They are the L’Oréal lip liner couture.

These liners retail at £ 3.99, although I picked three up when there was 3 for 2 offer on the stand!

I have 630 beige a nu- a nude shade. 461 scarlet rouge- a red. Finally, I have 258 berry blush- which is a bright pink. 

They are a pencil liner and come in very professional gold packaging. They are very easy to sharpen too. 

I use them to line and fill my lips. If I am wearing a non matte product, I tend to line my lips again when the product is dry. 

In my experience, it is best to not use them very sharp. If you use them when sharp, you get too much product and it’s hard to get clean lines.

They definitely stop my lipstick bleeding and make the colour bolder. Within the three liners, I can use them with all my lip products.

Thanks for reading my post. What brand are your lip liners? 


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