Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! This week I am telling you about my new foundation- the NO. 7 beautifully matte foundation.

This foundation retails at £ 14.50, with it being exclusive to boots. It is designed for normal to oily skin. It claims to give medium to full coverage and all day velvet matte perfection. It is also oil free, hypo-allergenic and contains SPF 15.

I visited my local No. 7 counter and had my face colour matched to a calico shade. The staff were very friendly and the shade is a perfect match. I asked for a sample which lasted 3- 4 uses.

I have been using this foundation, over my Barry M primer (see previous post). It goes on well and blends nicely. The coverage is good, I only need concealer to cover bad spots.

Finally, the foundation is definitely matte, especially in comparison to previous foundations I have used. I don’t look shiny, even with my oily t-zone. It lasts all day, including on my nose so I am incredibly pleased! 

The only negative, is I have found that I am using it very quickly! I only apply a pea sized amount, which is one pump of the bottle but it seems to be going down rapidly!  

Thanks for reading my post! What brand is your favourite foundation? 


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