Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! This week I am telling you about my latest find, the B. latex free blending sponge.

The blending sponge retails at £ 4.99. B. is exclusive to Superdrug and a cruelty free brand.

I used to use brushes to apply all of my make-up but I found it left lines, particularly with concealer under my eyes. Now I use the blending sponge. I use mine dry because I prefer the texture, but it is recommended you wet them and ring them out.

I have two. I use one for my foundation. The pointed end is perfect for your nose and blending into your hair line. Then I use the tip of the second for my concealer and the smoother edges for when I contour.

It leaves me with no lines and blends my make-up very well. I find I do use slightly more foundation than with a brush, but I think that is because I don’t wet it and because it blends.

Recently, I have found that using a brush and a sponge works best for me. I use the brush to spread the foundation all over and then finish with the sponge to make sure it is blended properly, the best of both worlds!

Thanks for reading my post! Have you used a blending sponge before?


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