Hi guys, welcome back to my blog!

This week I am focused on days 1 to 5 of the body shop advent calendar. It was brought for me as a present and the packaging is amazing. It opens like a book, tied with ribbon and is filled with 25 assorted shaped boxes.

The body shop do not test on animals. Furthermore, with me avoiding sugar, it is a great sugar free alternative to the traditional chocolate advent calendars. I have been excited to open it every morning. I’m also going to try to re-gift it next year by re-filling the boxes.

On day 1, I got a 60 ml spiced apple shower gel. It smells incredible and made me feel very festive. The scent reminded me of the fizzy apple sweets you can get.

On day 2, I got a body puff. The box said ‘make today a life-changing day’. It is nice that the gifts link, as I can use the body puff with the shower gel from day 1. The puff is soft and lathers well.

On day 3, I received a vitamin E 48 hour moisture cream of 15 ml. The box said ‘be a force of good’. It is suitable for all skin types and left my skin very smooth and soft. It smells fresh, reminding me of talcon powder. It is nice and fresh, it would be refreshing on a hot summers day.

On day 4, I had a strawberry body lotion. It smoothed, refreshed and cooled my skin. I used some of mine to re hydrate my feet because they are very dry.

Finally, on day 5, I got a facial cleansing sponge. My face felt very clean, although it did make my spots a bit sore. It wrings out well, so I wasn’t left with a soaking wet face. It was white and I was very satisfied I could see my make-up coming off.

Thanks for reading my post. Next week will be days 6 to 10 of the body shop advent calendar!


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