Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! 

This week we are still looking at the body shop advent calendar, but we are focused on days 6-10!

On day 6 I received a lip definer. On the box it said be a true original! It was a pink colour called clover. It was a very nice colour and matched my skin tone almost perfectly. It was soft, gave good coverage and was not drying!

On day 7, I received a pencil sharpener. It is very good. It is easy to empty, compact and doesn’t chew the pencils up!

On day 8, I got a coconut soap bar! Unfortunately,  I hate anything coconut. So, I added it to one of my friends Christmas presents! But I have used body shop soap before and they are lovely!  They smell great and do not dry your skin out!

On day 9, I got slanted tweezers. They are incredibly good! It was very easy for me to pluck my eyebrows due to the slanted end. I’m used to flat ended tweezers but I would highly recommend these slanted ones. 

Finally, on day 10 I got strawberry lip butter. It soothes lips and smells lovely at the same time. However, it is not as soothing as the other body shop lip balms I have used previously.

Thanks for reading my post! Please come back next week for day 11-15 of the body shop advent calendar!


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