Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! This week focuses on days 11-15 of the body shop advent calendar!

On  day 11 I received vanilla chai softening body gel lotion. It has a lovely scent and texture.  It moisturises well but is a bit difficult to get out of the bottle. 

On day 12 I got an eye definer- crayon kohl in black. I was very please with this product as it is amazing. It gave smooth lines, lasts all day and was a good black colour.

On day 13 I received eyelash curlers. I used them and didn’t notice much of a difference but I will keep trying different techniques with them.

On day 14 I got a British rose shower gel. It smells lovely, but again it takes a lot of strength to get the product out. Especially when it is nearing the end.

On day 15 I received an eyeshadow brush. It was soft and picked up product well. It was flat, so very good for precision! Very impressed!

Thannks for reading my post! Next week will be days 16-20 of the body shop advent calendar! 


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