Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! This week I am telling you about the lush sugar lip scrub.

These lip scrubs retail at £5.50, mine was a present for Christmas. Lush have very good company values and are cruelty free. Some of their products are vegan too, this lip scrub is.

I received the sugar plum fairy edition, which smells amazing. It has a very sweet scent. It is very simple to do, just scrub on your lips and link off the excess. I then applied a balm afterwards! It is only sugar so no horrible taste to contend with either!

My lips immediately felt soft and smooth. This noticeable difference lasted for a few days. It was easier to apply lipstick and my lips were not as dry either. Only a little bit of product is required each time, so it lasts for ages!

Thanks for reading my post! Have you tried lip scrub before?


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