Hi guys, welcome back to my blog!

This week I have used the gillette venus snap with embrace razor. This retails at £9.99.

This is a razor designed to be portable for on the go smoothness. It includes a razor, mini handle and a carry case too. The case was secure and the whole concept is an excellent idea in my opinion.

I used the razor before a last minute dinner with a friend. I wet the razor like it suggested. It was easy to maneuver for such a small object and it did a good job.

It may be difficult for a lot of hair but on trimmed or for a touch up it works well. I found it dried my skin out a bit, so I then mositurised! But, I have dry and sensitive skin, so for normal people I assume it would be fine.

The head provided has a ribbon of moisturiser and with the Venus brand, all heads fit all handles so no worry about picking one which won’t fit. It would be perfect for a gym bag or to take away on holiday as it is so compact!

Thanks for reading my post! Have you brought a portable razor?


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