Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! This week I have reviewed the Boujois Paris rogue edition souffle de velvet gloss.

This gloss retails at £8.99. The shade I chose was 04 Ravie en rose, a peachy pink colour. It has sleek and professional packaging for a gloss. It is a sheer matte finish and claims balm comfort with up to 10 hours hold and hydration.

Firstly, it smells amazing! It went on smoothly and the colour was good. I have used it over a nude and pink liner. A little bit did come off when I drank and I touched it up at lunchtime because it had worn off at the corners. This was 4 and a half hours in. But, it did last all day and wasn’t drying.

I would definitely recommend using a liner underneath, it didn’t last very well without one which is rather disappointing. It would not last 10 hours without a re-application!

Thanks for reading my post. Would you buy a sheer matte gloss?!


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