Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! This week I am telling you about the Soak and float solid shampoo bar from Lush.

I have recently been suffering from eczema on my scalp, which has resulted in itching and bleeding. It became very irritated when washing it due to the products and hot water. I visited my local lush and they were full of recommendations!

I purchased the soak and float solid shampoo bar. It is for use on dry and irritated scalps. It is a solid bar containing rose and marigold petals. It also has cade oil in it, which is used to treat psoriasis, dandruff and eczema.

The 55g bar retails at £6.25 and lasts for ages, so great value for money. It is vegan and like all lush products, cruelty free too.

You only need 3 rubs on your hair but I lather mine in my hands. It lathers well and smells lovely, fresh and floral. It soothes my scalp and leaves my hair feeling clean. It has reduced the itchiness and since using it (with a lush conditioner) there has been no more bleeding.

It also feels a bit drying on my hair, so be sure to use a good conditioner afterwards. I found that it lasts for ages (around 2 months now) but as it is a bar as you get to the end it starts to break up and becomes a bit difficult to use. Whereas, with a bottle you can scrape the last bits out.

Thanks for reading my post! Next week I review the conditioner I use with this shampoo!


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