Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! This week I have reviewed the veganese conditioner from Lush.

Lush are cruelty free and this conditioner as the name suggests is vegan. In my experience they also offer excellent customer service! This conditioner retails at £9.95 for 250g, but a variety of sizes are avaliable. 

The ingredients include agar agar gel (seaweed) to keep it lightweight. There is lemon juice and oil for gloss as well as lavender and rosemary to soothe an irritated scalp!

I have found this conditioner is thinner than others I have used and only a bit is needed to get the benefits! It is very conditioning but doesn’t weigh the hair down. When I applied it to the front of my head, I found my hair looked greaser than normal. But, I now apply it to my ends mostly and just run my hands through my hair with the excess. The conditioner leaves my hair soft, shiny and soothes my scalp!

Thanks for reading my post! What conditioner do you use?


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