Hi guys, 

This week I have used a product that I never have before. The max factor lipfinity! I’ve previously heard great things about them, so thought I would try it out!

The max factor lipfinity claims 24 hours of bold colour. This is created by a matte lip gloss, then followed by a shiny top coat. There are currently a range of 28 shades, I got given shade 040-vivacious, which is a pinky tone. They retail at £10.99!

I started by making sure my lips were clean and dry! Then I applied the bottom gloss. The shape of the brush is excellent, it dispersed the product well so you get good coverage everywhere! The bottom coat dries quickly but it doesn’t make your lips feel dry, unlike some other long lasting lip products I have used!

I then did a bit of my other make-up and applied the top coat. I was expecting it to be liquid but it’s a solid balm! It does make the lips feel soft and look shiny!

It lasted incredibly well! I applied it at 7:30 am and apart from fading ever so slightly at the corners, it looked the same when I removed it at 9:30 pm (picture below is just before removing it!) I have no doubt it probably would last 24 hours! 

The product doesn’t dry your lips out during the day either, I did re-apply the top balm once after eating my lunch. It changed the texture slightly, when I was applying the balm it felt like the product was flaking but it wasn’t! My only criticism would be that the bottles are tiny, so I feel I’m not going to get very many applications from the one purchase.

Thanks for reading my post! I would definely recommend the max factor lipfinity, it will last all day and night! 


3 thoughts on “MAX FACTOR- LIPFINITY

  1. emmalillybeauty says:

    Hey, I love this product too! I can’t believe how long wearing it is considering how comfortable it is on the lips. I recently spoke about it in my Holy Grail products post on my blog, I have a photo of the shade Angelic if you want to have a look at that colour xxx

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