Hi guys,

Welcome to my blog post about the Superdrug Pick and Mix instant spray colour. They are a pastel shade which spray on and wash out.

I received a blue, pink and purple spray to use. As usual with superdrug own brand products, they are vegan, cruelty free and you collect beautycard points. With their 100% happiness guarantee if you use any own brand product and are not satisfied, you can return it for a full refund and 25% off your next own brand purchase.

I first tried the purple shade on the ends of my hair to do an ombre effect. I used around half of the can to get the color payoff I wanted. There is no smell at all. The spray did transfer to furniture when I applied it, but considering I had my hair down there was no transfer to my clothes. I fixed it with hairspray but there was a bit of fall out. It lasted five hours and then I washed it out.

It washed out fine using normal shampoo and my hair was in great condition afterwards. The perfect solution to experiment with colours without having to commit to dye.

I used the blue for my take on glitter roots with my hair in two space buns.

Then I used the pink to colour my ballerina bun! The pink lasted all day (8 hours!). I used the whole can and a lot of hairspray but was very impressed with how long it lasted! The pink did transfer to my car seat but I was lent against it!

I would highly recommend  these insatnt colour sprays for playing with colour and for any special events like a festival or party with less mess and fuss than dye. Just apply generously and fix with a lot of hairspray too!


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