Hi guys,

In this months blogger squad package one of the items received was the E.L.F lock on liner and brow cream in medium brown. This retails at £5.

This can be used as an eyebrow product or eyeliner and eyeshadow as well.

I tried it first as an eyebrow cream. I used a small angled brush and applied it lightly across the natural shape of my brows. I was very impressed with the look. It is the perfect colour for me and it made my eyebrows look full and defined. It stayed in place all day.

I then used it as a liner which I was very happy with. It went on in a clean line and stayed in place all day with no smudging. Although brown isn’t usually my choice for eyeliner, the colour was very good and was bold enough, even over eyeshadow.

The only area I wasn’t very impressed with this, was as an eyeshadow. I found it too thick to get an even coat of colour. It was blotchy and in the end I covered it up with a different product.

I would highly recommend this product for eyebrows and as an eyeliner but not as eyeshadow!

This E.L.F product is exclusive to Superdrug! They are also a vegan and cruelty free brand.


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